Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go West Young Man!

I have had to find it out the hard way, but blogger sucks when it comes to math blogging. It wouldn't be all that bad, were it not because on the other side of the road things are soooo very much easier. And while I will miss google analytics, the native support for latex and syntax highlighting make up for it more than enough. So I'm moving this blog to wordpress...

You can find the new blog here, and suscribe to the RSS feed here.

For starters I have redone the much improvable first post of the series on the FFT, which I have split in two, one on the DFT, the other starting discussion on the FFT, plus an unconnected post on computing the GCD...

I will be moving all the content in this blog over to the new one, but have no intention of deleting anything from this one.


  1. You can use Google Analytics with self-hosted WordPress. I don't know about blogs hosted by

  2. On a related topic, what were you using to format your code? Nothing I've tried has looked as nice as the examples you've posted.

  3. I was using Aex Gorbatchev's Syntax Highlighter. Great looking, easy to setup, and there's even a public server if you don't have a place to host the files.

    It comes as standard in Wordpress...